Sunday, October 18, 2009

1. Hirana

Hirana, samajh bujh ban charana
Ek ban charana, duje ban charana
Tije ban pag nahi dharana
Tije banmein panch paradhi
Unake najar nahi padana
Panch hirana, pachis hirani
Unmein ek chatur na
Toye mar tero mans bikave
Tere khalka karenge bichona
Kahe Kabira ji suno bhai sadho
Guruke charan chit dharana

Using the metaphor of predator and prey Kabir speaks about the virtues of wisdom, spiritualism and the vice of temptation. Describing man as if it is a deer, Kabir calls the three areas as different forests. For the deer the first two, i. e. wisdom and spirituality, are safe. The third area, i. e. of temptations, is dangerous and that it is likely to be preyed upon there. It is all illusion, deception there. Five predators – faculties recognised by the sensory organs – occupy that area and it makes the man forget the inner self. Salvation is a process of securing oneself from these predators and this requires a true Guru.

Listen a small piece of this bhajan:

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