Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5. Nirbhay Nirgun

Nirbhay Nirgun Gun Re Gaunga
Mul kamal drudh asan bandhuji, ulati pavan chdhaunga
Man mamata ko thir kar launji, pancho tatva milaunga
Ingala, pingala, sukhaman nadiji, tiraveni par ho nhaunga
Panch pachiso pakad mangaunji, ek hi dor lagaunga
Shunya shikhar par anahad bajeji, rag chhattis sunaunga
Kahat Kabira suno bhai sadhoji, jit nishan dhuraunga

All his life Kabir insisted on the concept of Koi bole Ram Ram Koi Khudai. In other words, he never espoused any specific form of God or Lord. In fact constant insistence on simplicity and directness, the hatred of all abstractions and philosophising, the ruthless criticism of external religion are his characteristics. For him the Lord is nirgun (one without virtues or attributes). This very philosophy of his is summed up best in this composition of Kabir. He says he will fearlessly sing the attributes of the one without attributes. In this context Kabir once again talks about the body, its structuring out of the five elements, in all twenty-five derivations of the same, three each virtues (sattva, raja and tama) and states (jagruti, svapna and sushupti) are the thirty-six ragas that he says he will sing sitting atop the shunya shikhar, the state where an ascetic reaches oneness of the soul with the universe.

Listen a small piece of this bhajan:

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  1. Wonderful blog and wonderful brief meanings of each of the Kabeer's rendtions...! I am very happy to go through them. Thanks

    Nitin Ram