Thursday, October 15, 2009

4. Kaun Thagava Nagariya

Kaun Thagava Nagariya Lutal Ho
Chandan katke banal khatola
Tapar dulahin sutal ho
Utho sakhiri mang savaro
dulaha mose ruthal ho
Aye Jamraja palang chadhi baitha
Nainan asuva tutal ho
Char jane mil khat uthain
Chahu disi dhun dhun uthal ho
Kahat Kabira suno bhai sadho
Jagase nata chutal ho

The Death is the final frontier in the journey of life. Kabir has underlined the same, but in his own way. According to Kabir, the body is like a township, temptations are the robbers who loot the township. The soul is like the bride, while the Lord is the bridegroom. According to Kabir, if the death comes before achieving oneness of the self with the Lord, it is bound to bring in grief. Death is final and inevitable and once it is there the relationship of the self with the earthy world will be over.

Listen a small piece of this bhajan:

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