Monday, October 12, 2009

7. Avadhoota

Avadhoota, Gagan Ghata Gaharani Re
Paschim dishase ulati badal, rum jhum barase meha
Utho gyani khet sambharo, bigei nisarega pani
Nirat surat ke bel banavo, bija bovo nij dhani
Dubadhya dhup jaman nahi pave, bovo nam ki dhani
Charo kono char rakhavale, chug na jave mrig dhani
Katya khet bhinda gharalyave, jaki puran kisani
Panch sakhi mil kare rasoi, jihame muni aur gyani
Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, bovo nam ki dhani

Yet another masterpiece by Kabir, the composition is about the search of self through meditation, no doubt; but with a different metaphor. Kabir uses the activity of farming. As the clouds gather a farmer gets ready for sowing and cultivation. Kabir tells the ascetic that the clouds have started roaring, and hence he should prepare himself. Kabir asks the ascetic to prepare the soil of deliverance. Renunciation be soaked in this shower. The harvest should be taken to home like a wise farmer as it would take care of him as well as the wise men and the saints.

Listen a small piece of this bhajan:

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