Friday, October 16, 2009

3. Shunya Gadh

Shunya Gadh Shahar Shahar Ghar Basti
Kon suta kon jage hai
Lal hamare ham lalan ke
tan sota Brahma jage hai
Jal bich kamal, kamal bich kaliya
Bhanvar bas na leta hai
Is nagari ke das daravaje
Jogi pheri nit deta hai
Tan ki kundi man ka sota
Gyan ki ragad lagata hai
Panch pachis base ghat bhitar
Unaku ghot pilata hai
Agan kundse tapasi tape
Tapasi tapasa karata hai
Pancho chela phire akela
Alakh alakh kar japata hai
Ek apsara same ubhi ji
Duji surama ho sare hai
Tisari rambha sej bichaye
Paranya nahi kunvara hai
Paranya pahile putar jaya
Mat pita man bhaya hai
Sharan Machinder Gorakh bole
Ek akhandi dhyaya hai

The composition is by Gorakshnath. Describing the fortress-like structure of human body, Gorakshnath moves ahead in pointing out the chinks in the armour. Two eyes, ears and nostrils each, one mouth, a couple of private organs and a Brahmarandhra – these ten doors allow the enemy to enter into the fortress and the defeat of the self is for sure. A yogi would always guard at these doors. It becomes possible only if the self seeks spiritual wisdom.

Listen a small piece of this bhajan:


  1. For years I have admired the nirguni bhaajans, and have always been fond of the compositions. It was really hard finding the lyrics of the bhajans. And frankly speaking, I haven't understood it even after reading the epilogue to it. Its a great effort from you side, dear author. Congrats and thank you very much! :)

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  3. Nice. The crux of this Bhajan, as explained by you is also revealing. Pt Kumar gandharva has truly done justice to Nirguni Bhajans.

  4. Kudos for your fantastic summary at the end. It'd be great if you could also provide a line-by-line translation.